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matchmaker AU where the matchmaker actually falls for the person they're supposed to be making a match for (probably Stiles for Derek, Derek having been dragged there by one overbearing relative or another)


I LIVE TO BE CONTRARY. By which I mean, I’m sorry.

Derek Hale is a self-help guru whose books on relationships and compatibility sell millions. He does book signings, interviews, TV appearances, and he sounds like the coolest, most self-assured person on the planet. Stiles has this weird feeling - like, this completely irrational thought - that Derek Hale would be able to solve all his relationship problems. If only he had a way of hiring him.

(Derek doesn’t do one-on-one work. He says his books are out there and everyone should find their own way. Or see a counselor. It’s not like he’s a therapist.)

BUT IT IS FATE that they meet. One afternoon, Scott walks into the studio of the tiny-ass radio station they both work at with a shit-eating grin on his face and tells Stiles to get ready for a last minute interview. Before Stiles can articulate how much you do not spring a last minute guest on a DJ, Derek Hale walks in, in all his glory - with his multicolored eyes and his sexy stubble and the softest looking v-neck Stiles has ever seen in his life.

And then they’re on air.

The interview is one big blur to Stiles. They talk, presumably, and there are even a couple of calls, and then it’s over and Stiles is closing the show and Derek Hale is giving him a small smile and—Stiles cannot be blamed for blurting out the coffee invite, he really can’t.

Coffee turns into Stiles spilling his guts about his past relationships, which somehow leads to Derek contributing a terrible story or two of his own, and before you know it they’re friends and STILES IS SCREWED, because while Derek is doing his best to help Stiles find someone he can be serious with, Stiles is busy falling deeper and deeper in love with this man, who, it turns out, is nothing at all like he seems in interviews, so much more hesitant and unsure and hurt underneath all the big words, and goddammit that just makes Stiles love him more.

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"Stiles, go seek out the Hale Bureau. They will help you."

After helping a wolf, Stiles finds himself involuntarily engaged to a princess in a magical world of werewolves.

..also known as that Sterek The Cat Returns AU. Or in this case, Wolf.

I just wanted to draw wolf!Derek and fox!Stiles tbh, but then I rewatched the movie and instantly thought “Hey, I want a The Cat Returns Sterek AU because I love this movie.”

So I did some screenshot redraws. Because I can.

NO ONE IS DEAD OR EVIL IN THIS AU as for characters I guess Stiles as Haru, Derek as Baron, Scott as Yuki, and Allison as Prince Lune I GUESS also we need Muta. Hm. Peter? That means Toto could be Laura idek I just want someone to write this or something please

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I have been thinking about this all day oh my, have you ever considered derek being a total goober the first time he fucks stiles, and taking away stiles' pain with his dick and stiles is like yeah i'm good start moving and derek kinda... squeaks